Thursday, November 26, 2009


First and foremost, spending time remembering all we have to be thankful for. And while we're at it, perhaps a moment of meditation on those who are having trouble being thankful today. Specifically we're thinking of those who have lost loved ones in the military defending our country. This must be a difficult day for them.

And in 2009 it's a national disgrace, but children in The United States of America still go to bed hungry at night. So as we remember what we have to be thankful for, lets remember there is still much work to do.

Update: In the comments section, blog commentator BTDT suggested in not so many words that we do something more than just complain about the problem. Well said. Feed the Children is a well established charity. We made a $500.00 donation after reading BTDT's comments. Go here and make a donation. $5, $10, it all makes a difference. If you have a charity you like, post a comment and we'll put up a link.

And another charity that does amazing things for our service people is the USO. We have long been a contributor and supporter of the USO. Go here for more details.

OK. Enough moralizing.

Thanksgiving also means......FOOTBALL.

The Packers play the Lions in a traditional Turkey day matchup.
The Pack is an 11 point favourite on the road. The roadside is littered with those who gave points against home dogs, but not this year and not today. Packers -11 over Lions for 300 sweet potatoes.

The Raiders march their Silver and Black into Casa Jones and the Cowpokes of Dallas. The Pokes managed just one measly touchdown over the Redskins last Sunday, while the Raiders shocked the Bengals. The over/under is 40. The Raiders are playing a back-up QB, and the Cowpokes offense is in the dumps. Take the Over. Two reasons: 1- The Redskins, for all their problems, have a superior and punishing defense, so it's no surprise they held Vanilla Phillips and his team to one TD.
2- A short week means less exotic defenses. The teams will play their standard
packages and that means more offense.
Over 40 for 500 dinner rolls.

The night game has the stabilized NY Giants against the reeling Broncos in Denver. Need to check the weather report as late November often brings snow to the rockies (although Denver is about a 50 miles east of the start of the mountain range.)
The Giants are 6 points favourites and the over/under is 42. We're inclined to take the Giants and the over, but check back later as we monitor the weather.

Update: We won the first game, lost the second, so lets go 300 Giants -6.

Pick Em Paulie said...

Pick Em Paulie likes only one game for Turkey Day. Of course, this has been a blah season. Better off following the four guys in the suicide pool. If you followed them every week, you'd be 44-0.

$500.00 bet

Denver +6

2009 Record
25-28-2 47.17% -2900

Unfortunately, we're on a bit of a diet regimen, so after a day of brisk skiing or hiking, depending on the snow conditions, it will be Turkey and salad for us, with just one bite of stuffing, a smidgeon of mashed potatoes, and one forkful of pecan pie with a tiny tiny dollop of whipped cream.

Enjoy your family, your dinner, the day, and the long weekend.



CAPTAIN said...

The Captain wishes all of the readers of this blog a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Today is all about family and spending the day with those most important in your life. Take the time today to tell someone I love you, or, thank you for what you do.

And if you don't have someone to spend it with or somewhere to go, then head over to Camillus House or another food shelter and volunteer to help out there. If you have never done it, it can be a great way to spend the day.

Cap Out ..........

Anonymous said...

Re your comment about children going to be hungry:

If you want to change things, you've got to suggest solutions and do something about it. Otherwise you're nothing but a whiner.


Anonymous said...

Good times for a change

Grey Tesh said...

Hope you and she that must be obeyed (if she exists) have a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for the donation Rump.

I hope this doesn't come off as overly critical or sanctimonious, but the way we can have a really big impact is by donating time and using our skills as lawyers. There's so much to do and, with our experience, we can make a huge difference.

Again, I really respect what you've done here Rump and commend you for challenging our community the way you do.


Arnold and Harold said...

Alan: Rump= many years ago when you first started this blog we were the break hits from the blog.

Chris: That's right. People tuned in to see what we were going to say next.

Alan. Very true little buddy.

Chris And we struck while the iron was hot and accepted a job at a Department of Transportation Blog where we're known as Arnold and Harold from accounting.

Alan. But no matter what happens at 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, we always have a fond memory of where we got our start.

Happy Thanksgiving Miami, from your friends at the DOT Blog in DC.

Anonymous said...

Rump-- "she that must be obeyed"

WHO IS SHE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Rumpole said...

Finally won one. Thank you GB.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole- if you're reading the daily pulp and NOT reading the comments, you're missing 3/4 of the story. For instance there is the now famous "goodfellas" rant against Moe the Cigar guy, which was apparently written by Rothstein himself.

OK. So last night I stopped by Bova Las Olas to check out the scene. It was quiet. There was a sexy 30ish woman alone at the bar. I sat next to her. Eventually we had dinner and here's what I learned:

Rothstein and his cronies played on the desperation of women out of work during the recession. They hired as "champagne girls" not only the prettiest, but there was a real desire to hire professionals who were out of work. She thought it was a way to humiliate them as well. They were paid various amounts, but the best - who showed the most "accommodations" to the investors in Rothstein's Ponzi schemes got an extra $1,000.00 a week plus whatever they earned in tips. For the extra money they were known to be available to the investors- it was a little perk Rothstein threw the investors he was bilking. There was lots of oral sex in the champagne room and as she said, "there's sex, and then there's sex in a 1.5 million Bugatti".

Anyway, she was one of those girls. She was an out of work draftsperson for an architect firm. The management had told the girls they were welcome to hang around but that the payments would obviously be stopped. She and I cut our own deal and she went home with me. She knows where all the bones are buried in this case and she needs counsel. She's got about 150K put aside and a new SLK as a gift from one of the investors, but she doesn't want to blow it all on lawyers. She thinks she will get a GJ subpoena. Any volunteers to represent her?

turkey disaster! said...

Rumpole HELP! I am cooking a small (10lb) bird. I listened to my stupid brother in law and tried the "high heat method" of roasting at 450 a half hour on each side, including turning the bird on it's side twice. At some point it looked over done to me so I took it out of the oven. It's just sitting there on the stove and I think it's dried out. Can I do anything?

Rumpole said...

Madam, (I am assuming you are a female) I am well versed in the culinary arts and you have come to the right person.

Forthwith go and baste your bird for ten minutes. Then make a tent of aluminum foil and let the bird rest and steam under the tent for twenty minutes. Then baste for five and then back under the tent. If the bird is salvageable, this will do it.