Wednesday, November 08, 2006


We received this email last night:

moons over Miami Inbox
6:58 am (42 minutes ago)
From North of the Border.

Out Spent about a million to one,
Out Endorsed about a zillion to one,
“Judge” Michele Towbin Singer received 61% of the votes.

And the Captain reported that Terry Ann Miller, formerly a Judge in Dade has been elected to the County Court Bench North of The Border.

If you recall, Judge Miller had the audacity to run against a sitting Broward Judge a few years ago. In the land North of the Border that is a capital crime for an attorney, especially when you lose, which she did to Judge Zack. Ironically, Judge Zack is one of the decent Judges up North.

It will be interesting to see how Judge Miller is treated by her colleagues. Our prediction is that she will receive the same professional and warm treatment that the average attorney from Miami gets when they venture up North.

We applaud both Judge Miller and Judge Towbin Singer for their courage and tenacity. Just don't forget about your Dade friends when you take the bench.

(Maybe it's the water up there, but something happens to the average Judge up there that makes them view attorneys from Miami just a notch above Al Queda, and sometimes not even that high.)

See you in Court, just not you know where.


Anonymous said...


Not only have voters decided to retain Leslie Rothenberg, but it wasn't even close.

Despite all of the whining by the defense bar, Leslie was supported by a larger percentage of voters than anyone else (she tied one judge).

That's right..........17 judges were up for retention and she finished at the top.

Anonymous said...

she is a female name and a jewish name at that.

no one really looks at who she is or for that matter cared.

she got 6 years to do the right thing.

Rothenberg should be replaced but the voters have spoken.

Anonymous said...

few, if any, outside the legal circles know what rothenberg is about. she apparently got a majority vote from people who know nothng about her.

certainly something to be proud of.

the real victims here are all citizens of dade county.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah sure, the Jewish folks are really kicking butt in the Miami-Dade elections. That must be it. LOL>

Face it, the public wants judges who actually care about public safety. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

On a Lark
Cathy Parks
Ran for Judge One day
she got opposition
and lost the race twice
to her everlasting dismay.

MS. PARKS: If this is your dream. And if you are dedicated to that dream, then don't give up. If you just wanted an easy job with a secure check, then move on, there are enough of those on the bench already.

Anonymous said...

Adrien sent a jury out on election night??????? hopefully, these unfortunate jurors will remember who he is and spread the word due to the fact he kept them from voting, especially when they were in our wonderful building all day long. Shame on you, Camacho, Shame on you.

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

Yes, sources who wish to remain anonymous have emailed us that Judge Adrien kept a jury working on election night. For someone who benefited from an election night (fluke??) victory, his actions remain puzzling.

Many years ago we had a Jury Trial before Judge Glick. And it was on election day. And he gave the jurors a little speech about how important it was to vote, that he had been elected by the voters of Dade County, and did not want to deny other candidates that same opportunity.

Well that is difference between getting on the bench with experience and trying to get experience while on the bench.

Also it never ceases to amaze us that the first thing a new Judge does to try and establish a reputation is work jurors and attorneys late. What a disaster. Judges with real experience know that jurors can only listen so long, and more gets done, and justice is better served, when everyone has the time and opportunity to be prepared and work without being exhausted.

You new Judges should take note of that. Working everyone to 7pm or 9PM or midnight does not get you admiration, just scorn and ridicule. 6:30 or so is a good quitting time.

CAPTAIN said...


If you are recently unemployed or maybe looking for something new to do, consider this:

The Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission is seeking qualified applicants to fill the position of Statewide Prosecutor. The appointment takes place every four years, according to Section 16.56, F.S.

Applicants must be an elector of the state, a member of The Florida Bar for the preceding five years, and must devote full-time to their duties and not engage in the private practice of law. The Judicial Nominating Commission will nominate not less than three persons to the Attorney General, who will appoint the Statewide Prosecutor for a term of four years (to run concurrently with the term of the Attorney General). A person appointed Statewide Prosecutor is prohibited from running for or accepting appointment to any state office for a period of two years following vacation of office.

Application due no later than noon on Wednesday, November 22, 2006.

CAPTAIN OUT ..............

CAPTAIN said...


... Ever heard of the charge "federal "honest services" fraud? Well, maybe Gabe Martin should read up on it. Read the following:

Attorney William Boose, who represented disgraced former County Commission Tony Masilotti in land deals, surrendered to federal authorities on Monday [Nov. 6] at the U.S. District Court in Fort Pierce and posted $200,000 bond. Boose is charged with federal "honest services" fraud for knowing that Masilotti committed fraud in secret land deals but not reporting it. A charging document filed against Boose Friday [Nov. 3] also said the attorney lied to federal investigators when asked about the transactions.

(this in no way implies that Mr. Martin has done anything wrong and he has not been charged with any crimes).

CAPTAIN OUT ............

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS TO JOSE FERNANDEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rumpole said...


Rumpole said...

Isn't that called MisJoinder of a Felony by the Feds? I seem to remember settling a case for that charge for some lawyer or someone I represented facing more serious charges. Its the Feds way out and saving face when they need some conviction but can't get what they charged. Its like a breakdown for a DUI.

omar said...

05-2656 state v salgado

darth rothenberg reverses a downward departure today! damn.

tough luck for christian dunham too.

the Game just keeps gett'n tougher, yo.

Anonymous said...

Now that it's over, let's see the true changes:

out: (all County Court)
McWhorter; Hernandez; Samuels

in: (County)
Marino-Pedraza; Faber; Gonzalez-Meyer; Fernandez; DelPino

in: (Circuit)
Marin; Manno-Schurr; Tinkler-Mendez

Ask yourself, are we better off? I think the resounding answer is 'Yes'. Three judges out who deserved to lose, five new County and three new Circuit judges who at least on paper seem qualified. Three former ASAs (Fernandez, Marin, Gonzalez-Meyer), 2 former PD/defense lawyers (Faber, Tinkler-Mendez) and 3 civil/traffic lawyers(DelPino, Marino-Pedraza, Manno-Schurr). Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Rothenberg "apparently got a majority vote from people who know nothing about her."

Funny how so many people were singing a different tune about the voters' knowledge about Rothenberg (and the alleged message they sent) when KFR beat her.

Nice try, but these are the same folks. Rothenberg is being retained because she DESERVES to be.

Anonymous said...

Re: New Judges- something about trying a jury trial before Judge Marino culpepper Pedrozza just rubs me the wrong way. What is she going to do? Rely on her exoerience in numerous 5 miniute ticket trials? I venture she has never tried a jury case herself, and maybe never one at all. Like the person wrote yesterday, there is a difference between electing a Judge with experience and electing a judge who gets experience on the bench.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Tinkler-Mendez spent $173,600 while Parks only spent $19,600. A couple thousand votes more than your opponent apparently costs you $154,000.00. Victory is priceless??

Anonymous said...

Today, McWhorter denied a continuance for an attorney's personal prepaid vacation.

That is why she is out of a job.

She is a jerk.

Patti will be much better.


Anonymous said...

The lack of story about Gabe Martin makes us all wonder what connections he has to Rumpole!!!!

That was a big story. Rumpy ignores it.

Rumpy, what is your connection?

Anonymous said...

Manno Schurr has never tried a jury trial.

Anonymous said...

Fernandez has. So has Marin, Faber, Gonzalez-Meyer and Tinkler-Mendez.

Rumpole said...

Anonymous said...
The lack of story about Gabe Martin makes us all wonder what connections he has to Rumpole!!!!

That was a big story. Rumpy ignores it.

Rumpy, what is your connection?

I am getting tired of saying this: I do not know this guy Martin; I put the story on the front of the blog and asked people who knew the specifics of the case to email me a story.
What more can I do? I cannot write about what I do not know. (Well actually I have , but that's another story.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe GINA MENDEZ LOCKE-N-LOAD will follow suit and move back to Broward.....

Anonymous said...

Not that she needs any defending, but Judge-elect Marino-Pedraza definitely has jury trial experience. I saw her try a DUI-refusal case.

rick freedman said...

Hey Rumpster:

I pled a guy in Federal Court to Misprison Of Felony. I think that is what you are talking about.

and to 2:07 PM, I tried a felony jury trial where the co-defendant was represented by Catalano & Patty Marino. She did a fine job.

Anonymous said...

we all hope Rothenberg does change and prove that you can have your views and still apply the law with a blindfold on .

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

To all the Rothenberg haters /lovers:
Read Jeffery Jackson v. The State Of Florida(1 degree murder)
Opinion filed November 8, 2006.
Props to Howard K. Blumberg, Assistant Public Defender. Huge win...
Props to David Pettus for trying the case and preserving the record.

omar said...

i saw marino try a case of colt 45....everytime!

less herb walker iii
more billy dee williams

all in the game yo

Anonymous said...

2 jury trials in 15 years...bfd.
Wow- may President Bush will nominate her to the 11th circuit with experience like that. Why isn't she on CNN as their legal expert with experience like that. 2 Whole DUI trials. My god, she should take over writing Bobby Reif's book. When Judge Farina reads that he is sure to step down and let her take over as chief judge with a record like that.

Anonymous said...

4:56 great case.

My hat off to Rothenberg, I hope she continues to act fair as she did in that appeal.


History has shown us that no matter how disliked,and/or incompetent a jurist may be or how well thought of and supremely competent a jurist is, the public has no clue.
Virtually every merit retention election scores about the same across the board. 70 to 75% of the voters say "keep them" while 25 to 30% of the voters say "throw the bums out", without ever knowing if they are heroes or bums.
Therein lies one of the arguments for elections versus appointment and merit retention.
Congrats to the newly elected Judges.
As for how any individual new judge will be on the bench, there will be some stars and some duds as in any profession.
My hope is that they will be given a chance to blossom.
The same theory about newly released movies should apply to new judges,
Go see the movie yourself and don't judge a movie by what some reviewer tells you.
You may be very suprised.
Thanks for listening

Jason Grey said...

Yea Terri, Yea, Michelle, Let all Broward Judges know by these results: That outsiders can come in and upset the status Quo. That their seat is not a birthright, and that the people may vote them out if they serve themselves and not the people

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

2 jury trials and you are a judge. as oj would have said "look out".

Anonymous said...

funny how leslie actually did a little better than the rest

Anonymous said...

Arguing about Judge Rothenberg is like arguing about Dick Cheeney- neither are going to go away until they have done all the damage they can and they are good and ready.

Anonymous said...

to 5:24:

boy you are a real idiot. Two people write in and confirm that she has done two jury trials. So you assume that she has no more. You are an idiot. And one of them was a felony trial; not two DUI's. Boy, you are a real idiot. And based on the responses to your blog, you have had zero jury trials. Based on that consensus, I guess that makes you both an idiot and a really bad attorney.

Get a Life!

Anonymous said...

looks like the miserable prosecutors got up a bit early today.

Rumpole said...

And based on the responses to your blog, you have had zero jury trials

What does that mean? This is my blog and I didn't write that about Judge elect Marino-Pedraza.

Anonymous said...

Patty Marino tried a hand full of felony and misd jury trials. I big list: NO. But, she has tried cases.

Look at all the other judges we elected or got stuck with who never even did motions in a courtroom????

Anonymous said...

Does Trial Team in law school count?

Lady_Themis said...

Tinkler-Mendez spent $173,600 while Parks only spent $19,600. A couple thousand votes more than your opponent apparently costs you $154,000.00. Victory is priceless??

The perdiction were right by the person who said Tinkler would beat Parks in the run off----no matter what price it took Tinkler-Mendez crossed the finish line in victory---with almost 9000 votes more then Parks eh! Crongratulations Marisa Tinkler Mendez for this big win!


Fred Garvin said...

All lawyers are blood-sucking, motherless scum who should be incarcerated in prisons and only let out into the courtroom to defend the reasons why they shouldn't just be killed outright, and then killed anyway as a show of true justice.

In other news, GO BUCS! No not Tampa Bay you schmucks, THE Ohio State Buckeyes! Now go take some poor abused wife's last dime defending her against some Neanderthal psychopath that your drinking buddy is defending (and who you crack jokes about the case with) in your latest divorce case that you are dragging out in the hopes of collecting a greater percentage of the house money. You vile filth of a human being. I hope you get hit by a gas truck and taste your own blood as you die a slow, painful death. Of course you can all suck my ass before dying.