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I'm unaware of what you are calling the "Farina Rule". Anyone who has been in my courtroom knows that if a defendant speaks English and a parent doesn't AND the interpreter is present, I ask the interrupter to translate for the parent. A noncustodial defendant who is non-English speaking can have a non English speaking family member with them while the interpreter does their job for the defendant. And last, a custodial non-English speaking defendant with a non-English speaking parent present, I've asked the interpreters to speak loud enough so that the family member can hear the translation. No interpreter has ever complained nor have I ever been told that there is an administrative order prohibiting the use of interpreters in this manner.Feel free to come to Courtroom 2-5 to watch the procedure.
Judge Larry Schwartz

Rumpole replies: we have a source on this. As per our source, “on Wednesday May 10, 2006, before Judge Rosa Rodriguez, an interpreter who was asked in open court to explain to a Defendant’s mother what had occurred said

“Judge Farina has an administrative order that prohibits us from interpreting for anyone other than a defendant.” The Interpreter then turned on her heel and stormed out.
Ask Judge Rosa Rodriguez, she seemed as shocked as the rest of us.”


One reader claims the Farina rule is about business:

This rule is promted as a business move by the Hispanic Lawyers Association (HLA). Read about it in today's Herald. Either english-only attorneys will need to tag along privately paid interpreters, and thereby have to charge their clients more, and eventually lose clients because of this, or they will not be able to completely communicate with their clients, and thereby provide less quality representation, and in time lose them as clients. In both ways the HLA members will make out. The market will not change and move toward the non-HLA attorneys. Non-HLA attorneys need to learn spanish or they will lose out to the HLA over time.


Let's clear this up, once and for all:Alberto "Left Hook" Milian (M-I-L-I-A-N), former ASA in Broward County, former boxer who punched a defense attorney in an elevator in the Broward County Courthouse - during the trial - former candidate for Dade State Attorney -has not filed to run for anything as of 10:35 today.Stephen Millan (M-I-L-L-A-N), has filed to run for County Court Judge in Group 30. I mentioned earlier this week, that I predict he will move to another race before Noon on Friday - possibly filing against Karen Mills Francis or Deborah White Labora. If he does change Groups, he will only have to drive to downtown Miami to do so, not Tallahassee.Now, does that clear it up ....Captain out ..................

Rumpole says, no, because you didn’t clear up the Judge Miller/ Judge Miller confusion.

This is the one voted best prosecutor:

This is the former prosecutor who currently has opposition from Jorge Alvarez.

rumpole, can you confirm the rumor floating out there that jeb is coming to mia to personally campaign for judge b miller?

No, but we love the rumor.

Talk about inviting trouble:

Captain reports:

According to my good sources, I wish to report that, a Judge, who shall remain nameless, has sent out invitations to his victory party in anticipation of not receiving any opposition. (I was not invited). But, knowing who this judge is, I certainly hope and expect that he will receive no opposition in the next 22 hours and 18 minutes.Captain out ..........

Rumpole says if Farina didn’t sign the Farina rule, then he ought to come out and say it. Otherwise, ITS DAY THREE OF THE FARINA WATCH.

See You In Court.


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Judge Glazer will not loose her seat to Mrs. Miranda because Miranda will not be running for judge.

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Does anyone else remeber when GM and hubby JL were involved with bogus time issues while they were dating? Seems he signed out to Court but was really missing in action and was reprimanded for it.It's all part of public reords. Why with baggage in their pasts do people subject themselves to public scrutiny?



Let's clear this matter up. I spoke today with one of the Directors of the Court Interpreter Office at the REGJB, and he informs me that there is NO Administrative Order in this County, signed by Judge Farina, or anyone else that prohibits what happened in Judge Rosa Rodriquez' court. The interpreter mistated and misunderstood what is a directive from Court Adminsitrator Ruben Carrerou. That directive was written and is intended to make every reasonable attempt to use the resources the interpreter's office has been provided and keep members of the public informed as to what is going on in court to the best of their ability.

What the directive does say is that if a person who does not understand english is involved in a legal proceeding at the REGJB, a defendant, a witness, someone that the judge is addressing, then the interpreter must interpret. They are not there for the general public; meaning that when the spanish speaking grandmother wants an entire hearing interpreted for her, that will not be done. However, when the english speaking attorney asks the interpreter to simply explain to grandma what happened and when the next court date will be, the interpreter has always in the past and will continue in the future to make every reasonable effort to help the attorney out.

I hope this clears the matter up.

Personally, I think the interpreters do an amazing job given the limited resources they have. They are constantly being pulled from one hearing to another, from one attorney to another, from one location to another, and they always seem to do it professionally and with a smile on their face. This despite the fact that we rarely thank them for all they do.

Keep up the good work Rump.

Rick Freedman

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FRIDAY, fun day. Sitting Judges so afraid of opposition that they have "body guards" going to Tallahassee to "protect" them. Ask DAVID YOUNG why he's so scared Ray Abidin going to the Capitol.

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aah, time for a brew and a J

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so far only gloria gonzalez meyer and george gonzalez have not far everyone else has...

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why werent they qualidfied?

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too much GONZALEZ in one group. (per HLA).