Friday, February 12, 2016


(The following post is by blog contributor The Professor. Enjoy. )

Al Sharpton got his legs cut off from under him Thursday, when the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Hilary Clinton.  Sharpton, after having breakfast with Sanders on Wednesday morning, made statements that indicated he was going to endorse Sanders and urge other reverends to join him in the "revolution".

Sharpton, who, until several months ago, had his own show "Politics Nation" weekdays from 6 to 7 pm on MSNBC, is a self-proclaimed star, who super-novaed.  First exposed at making several million dollars for which he paid no taxes, he then lost relevance after the events in Ferguson last summer. His "Politics Nation" was relegated to one hour early on Sunday mornings.

Sharpton had hoped to renew his importance by endorsing Sanders and co-opting the African-American religious leaders, and subsequently the CBC, into doing the same.  He then would claim to be the leader of the African-American Movement for Sanders.  Even if Clinton eventually won the nomination, he would have a seat at the table, demand to be a surrogate on the campaign trail for the nominee and claim influence over the eventual Democratic President.  Now, that will not happen, because he will not confront the CBC head-on.  In addition, if he now endorses Hilary, he will be just another follower.

This is huge for Clinton.  She needs to trounce Sanders in South Carolina and Nevada.  Then she has to put him away on SEC Tuesday and Super Tuesday to wrap up the nomination by early April.

To me, Sanders is playing the same game as Trump.  Making promises he knows he can't keep, except he is praying upon the selfishness of young Americans (who all think they are just "awesome"), who believe there is such a thing as a "free lunch."  In this case, free college and heath care and that somehow the $19 Trillion tab will be magically paid for by someone else.  It shows just how ignorant and short sighted the youth of today are, that they do not know Sanders can not do this without a Congress ready to raise taxes to 50% or more, which Nancy Pelosi, let alone Paul Ryan, has said she will not do.

With reapportionment not until after the 2020 census, the Republicans will continue to control the House for at least 6 years of the next President's two terms.  Please explain how Sanders is going to accomplish anything that Obama was not able to accomplish in 6 years of Republican control of Congress.

Sanders has made a living for the past almost 40 years holding office.  He has accomplished nothing in his 28 years in the House and Senate  The people of Vermont like their gladfly, so they keep electing him.  He has done nothing for his state or the country, except build up a $250K per year pension, collect $225K per year as a Senator and received free heath care for him and his family.

By the way, has anybody noticed his new wardrobe: suits, ties, shirts, shoes, glasses, hairstyling and a tan. (How he got that in cold New Hampshire, I don't know!)  The truth be known, if my ultimate choice is any of the remaining Republicans vs. Bernie Sanders, I will do all I can to help Michael Bloomberg win as an independent.  At least he always delivered on his promises and never strayed from what he has told you he would do or accomplish, even if you don't necessarily agree.

By the way Bloomberg can use $2 Billion of his own money to run a campaign and it would amount to only 5% of his net wealth.  If Trump on the other hand spent $2 Billion of his own money, by his own calculation, he would use up at least 25% of his wealth (probably more), which he will not do.

Bloomberg could be the first Jewish president, not a 74 year old Brooklynite Socialist, whose parents were rumored to be Communist sympathizers.  I think Bernie knew that when he started, but he has started drinking his own Kool-Aid.

That's right.  I was for Hilary in 2008 and I am for her now.


  1. MAI

    Mutually Assured Irrelevance

  2. Sanders lost me in the debate when he promised that he would cut the prison population in the US in his first term. How exactly is the President going to help State sentenced prisoners or people charged with crimes in State Court? Up until that point I was interested in the Bernie revolution thing but that showed me that he is just another politician that will say anything to get elected.

  3. In the history of this blog, on the days you wrote that you didnt have anything to say, this is without a doubt the worst post ever done. The professor makes the captain look good and I didn't think that was possible. I spent more time looking at my three year old nieces's crayon scribblings on a piece of paper and enjoyed it more than this post. Please take it down. Please put up a new one. Even something in korean would be more entertaining. Thanks.

  4. 7:35 - That is exactly what I yelled as he said it. That is why for each debate I keep a large bucket of popcorn next to me, so when I throw something at the tv, it is something that won't break it.

    7:51 - Thank you Kim Il-Jong. I give you that name until you obtain a nom de plume, so we always know it is you, instead of pretending to be many people.

  5. This blog at, one point, dealt with significant, court related issues in South Florida. Sadly, it has become a liberal, political cesspool.

    No wonder it's become irrelevant to so many people recently.

    I'm taking my marbles and leaving. No, you can't take some of my marbles and redistribute them to those who don't have marbles. I studied hard, I worked hard and spent MY money on these marbles. They're MINE! F*** off!

  6. Why couldn’t President Sanders reduce the prison population? The executive has the power to pardon and to commute a sentence. Seems to me this eminently possible. Last time I checked, the President could act to let a convict out of Federal Prison. (Their motto: 195,730 and rising.)

  7. The President can not pardon state crimes, only federal crimes. So a President Sanders can not empty the prisons.